about us

Air Support BMW started out as an online parts business called Airheadpartsonline.com.  Over the years more and more people asked for me to actually install the parts they were buying and show them how to do basic Airhead maintenance.  One day somebody PAID me for this extra bit of service and a new company was born.  Slowly I started taking on more and bigger jobs as time permitted which has led to an almost full service BMW Airhead shop - although I keep the location secret and the hours are by appointment only.


I still supply parts for Airheads but don't have time to ship packages around the world anymore. So it's word of mouth, you being at my shop, or pure luck that will get parts from me to you. Performing actual service keeps me very busy and I have to limit what I do sometimes so I can stay balanced with my family....which is the most important part of my life.


I approach all my service as if I were working on my own bike and always use the best materials and tools that I can (OEM wherever possible).  If you want to bring your own materials and tools, I will use those instead (it has happened).  In an attempt to stay current, I sponsor VRRA #83 Doug Forbes on his 1969 R75, swap notes with other Airhead service companies, and give away a few days a year fixing bikes at Tech Days.



Kitchener, Ontario, Canada