Cylinder Head Service

You know your heads need service when they get noisy, the bike is hard to tune, idle is inconsistent, you are burning oil, or you can't remember if it has ever been done at all.  If you are having these troubles, don't wait for things to get worse.  Get your head checked!


Our service starts with a complete inspection of your heads followed by us letting you know in writing what parts (if any) need replacement.  The most common repair needed on BMW heads is replacement of exhaust valves and guides.  Less commonly the intake side needs the same treatment.  Very uncommonly the seats need to be replaced.


For replacement parts you will be given the choice between BMW OEM and a variety of aftermarket options.  Each has advantages, but by far the most popular choice for valves is the economical but high quality Swiss Intervalve brand (who also supplies BMW).  The replacement guides are always a superior high temperature variant unless OEM is specified by the customer.  New springs are recommended during a rebuild and these are always OEM.  You can also supply your own replacement parts.


Vapor blasting is optional.  Standard low pressure media blast is also optional.  De-greased but undisturbed patina is standard.


Exhaust and sparkplug threads can be repaired at this time also. We can even repair cracked or broken fins and resurface gouged gasket faces.  Laser welding is used wherever possible to ensure there is no distortion or change of heat treatment to your head.


Cylinder Head Rebuild:   $150 per head (not including parts)

This includes guide replacement/reaming, 3 angle seat cutting, valve facing, installed spring height check, total reassembly.

Repairs such as welding and machining are extra.

Seat replacement is extra.

Milling for compression is extra.

Vapor Blasting available upon request for $30.


This is generally a flat rate job with cost fluctuations based on the amount and level of parts chosen.



Kitchener, Ontario, Canada