cylinder re-bore & hone

Air Support routinely re-bores and hones BMW Airhead cylinders to repair out of spec barrels.  We start by measuring your bores and pistons to determine the kind of work required.  We never guess.


All boring and honing is done to BMW specifications using TORQUE PLATES and professional SUNNEN equipment.


When required we will source new oversize pistons and rings and install them into the new bores.  Of course we always check the ring end gaps and adjust them as needed.  If you already have the pistons, send those along and we are happy to take it from there.


Vapor blasting of the exterior surface is optional.  Standard low pressure media blast is also optional.  De-greased but undisturbed patina is standard.


Cylinder Rebore and Hone:  $100 per bore


This service is available for all Airheads, including pre 1969 models.  Email us and let us know how we can help.


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada