For the most part service work is charged in bulk or flat rate in order to give some predictability and economy to the larger jobs.  But I also reserve the right to charge an hourly fee when surprise work is encountered in the middle of a flat rate job or if the job is very small at the outset.  It is normal practice for me to interview the bike owner at length to fully understand the scope of work and then establish a maximum budget that encompasses that work.  There is always a trade off and I typically advise to spend money on foundational items like getting the bike to run and drive as god intended before we start talking about cosmetics or farkles.  Below is a guideline of costs to help you budget your needs.  Actual costs may vary slightly but I will always keep you in the loop.  All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Hourly Rate: $65


(Bean Can) Rebuild

  • $295
  • Total break down and rebuild
  • Replacement of the hall sensor and the advance springs.


Overhaul & Cleaning

  •  $250 a pair
  •  CV Carbs
  •  Email for Slide Carb prices


Transmission Rebuild

4 Speed • $675 - $775

5 Speed$500 - $600

Slash 2 • $725 - $800


Head Rebuild

  •  $150 per head
    (not including parts)

  • INCLUDES: Guide replacement/reaming, 3 angle seat cutting, valve facing, installed spring height check, total reassembly.


Rebore and Hone

  •  $100 per bore
    (not including parts)

  • This work is performed with torque plates.
  • Drive Shaft u-joint replacements
  • Final Drive rebuild
  • Clutch Replacement



Final Drive & U-Joints


  • Full bike restorations are available
  • Please get in touch to discuss your project.


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada